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Yellow Packin SMART Stacking Snack Container


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Watch how Packin' SMART Snack Containers will make your life easier!

If you're on the go with your baby or toddler, you'll never want to leave the house without your Packin' SMART stacking snack container! This formula dispenser and snack container offers a unique smart design with so much versatility. Winner of the iParenting Media Award, Innobaby's formula dispenser and snack container offers five separate compartments, each with its own lid, to store and dispense powdered formula, infant cereal and snacks. You can even use one compartment as a pacifier holder! Designed by moms, the Packin' SMART stacking snack container and formula dispenser offers a creative storage solution to everyday parenting challenges.

Separate compartments, each with its own lid so contents do not mix or shift. You can be confident that your measurement is precise at all times. Each container holds pre-measured formula for up to 8 ounces of feeding. Measurements are etched on the side of each compartment.

Multiple uses for at home and on-the-go feeding. Each container separates for use as individual serving bowls. It works great as a toddler's snack dispenser. Let your toddler select his snack choice through the see-through container. He can either pour snacks out through the funnel-shaped top, or pop off the lid to pick up finger foods.

Add on or take off as many tiers as you need using a secure, child-proof click stacking system. A SMART way to carry all your baby and toddler feeding needs in one container. Gently squeeze the two narrow ends towards the center to separate compartments. The elongated oval shape makes the width too far for your toddler's little hands to reach around!

Round funnel-shaped lid for easy dispensing of powdered formula. Less mess and quicker preparation of infant formula during outings or night time feedings with Packin' SMART's easy dispensing funnel-shaped lid.

Tough durable construction made of stain- and shatter-resistant material. Top rack dishwasher safe.