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Woof n Poof Baby Buddy Blanket Teddy Bear


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Babies sleep better and feel more secure once they find a special object they connect with. Whether you call it a lovey, a blankie, or a security blanket, both parents and children become much more relaxed once they find these special objects. Woof and Poof Buddy Blankets are a long-time favorite among both babies and their parents. Lovingly handmade in Chico, California, these little blankies feature the head of an animal or doll, one satin side and one plush side for babies to enjoy, as well as unique, detailed styling every parent can appreciate. The small size (approx. 15 inches square) and multiple textures make Woof and Poof Buddy Blankies perfect for young children to hold, carry or sleep with. Buddy Blankies were previously called Woof and Poof Snuggle Buddies. New name, same great blanket! Woof n Poof Baby Buddy Blanket Teddy Bear