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Woof n Poof Baby Buddy Blanket Purple Elephant


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Woof and Poof collectibles are handmade in Chico, CA. New Woof and Poof fabrics and styles are released each year. The Buddy Blankets are a long-time favorite in the Woof and Poof Baby line. Measuring about 11 inches on each side, the small security blanket is perfectly sized for young babies to hold, explore and snuggle with.

2014 Woof n Poof Baby - Woof n Poof Purple Elephant Buddy Blankie

The elephant's head, trunk and arms are made from soft white plush, with purple minky stripe for the front of the blanket, and white satin on the back. Babies love exploring the different textures, and the satin-lined floppy elephant ears and purple flower add even more areas of interest.