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The Birthday Interview Kit


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How often do you videotape your kids?  If your're like most of us, you bought a nice camera when they were born, but you hardly ever use it!

The Birthday Interview is a keepsake box that contains everything you need to conduct an interview every year on your child's birthday, using your video camera.  It gives you clever tips on how to set your stage and what kinds of questions to ask.  Bring out the best of your child and create a video library of these precious growing years!

What's Included:

  • A booklet with interviewing tips and a list of 35 suggested interview questions.
  • An instructional dvd with information with information that can be accessed on your computer including a sample interview
  • Labels to identify each child's tape/dvd

Every year, add the party invitation, pictures, and any other special birthday reminders to the keepsake box. It's a box full of special memories for your family to enjoy!