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Stephen Joseph Small Talk Magnet Letter Acrylic


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Do you have something to say? Maybe you want to write your favorite quote, keep your baby's initials nearby, or give your kids a fun educational tool to practice using letters. 

Our Stephen Joseph magnetic letters are one-inch ceramic tiles brightly painted with fun, funky designs. You can pick the letters you want, or get the whole alphabet. These letters are great for the refrigerator, a metal memo board or any other metal surface where you like to stick magnets! Use them to pin up artwork, to make a statement, for decoration or as an educational tool.

Stephen Joseph acrylic letter magnetsStephen Joseph changed the style of their letters this past year from the traditional ceramic to an acrylic version. The size is identical, but the lettering is underneath a thick square of acrylic instead of on the surface of the ceramic tile.

We do still have some letters available in the original style, but we cannot guarantee availability of all letters. This item is for our new acrylic magnets. If you prefer the original ceramic style, please order our Stephen Joseph Ceramic Magnet Letters.

The selection of designs available for a particular letter changes frequently, so we ask that you give us general color preferences instead of picking the exact design. Please provide the following information in the comments section of your order: 

  • Word or name to be spelled
  • If you need boy or girl colors

We take time to ensure the letters picked go well together and we do our best to meet your requests. You may also request the additional non-letter magnets pictured above, although we cannot guarantee that all styles will be in stock.