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Kaloo Safety Standards

Commitment to Quality
Kaloo baby products are committed to exceptional quality and safety standards

In just 8 short years Kaloo has become a leader in the European Soft Toys market, and has been growing rapidly in the Americas.

We continue to focus only on upscale retailers as Kaloo is geared for parents and gift givers seeking only the best for their little ones.

As such, we at Kaloo take great care from our French designers to our production facilities location in France, India and China.

Our China production is based in our own facilities of whose production is solely focused on Kaloo. As Kaloo is geared for independent specialty distribution our production runs are manageable and our long lead-times allow us to get it right.

Our products meet or exceed both The American ASTM and European EN-71 safety standards. Kaloo is a world Brand and must conform to the highest criteria set by countries to ensure the integrity of the Kaloo Brand.

This includes pull testing all our toys’ attachments and seams, toxicity and color-fastness for all dyes, even the ink on the labels.

The unique faces on all our Kaloo animals and dolls are computer embroidered for additional piece of mind.

The vast majority of all Kaloo products are machine washable and machine dryable, because beauty without practicality is simply not parent friendly.

Kaloo pre-qualifies all our material suppliers with on-site quality control teams to ensure uniformity during the production process at our facilities.

The future of Kaloo is bright and demand for all things Kaloo continues to rise.

As the scope of Kaloo grows, the core fundamentals, of safety, playfulness and attention to detail remain at the forefront of all that is Kaloo.