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Our unique gift items are often featured in the press. We frequently update this page to let you know which items have been recently featured. Visit often for links to new articles!

Wooden Stapler by Tatiri5 Wooden Stapler by Tatiri

Wondertime Magazine features our Kid's Wooden Stapler by TatiriOur colorful kid's stapler from Tatiri was featured in Disney's Wondertime Magazine for their Sept. 2008 Back-to-School Issue.  This fun wooden stapler was included in Wondertime's 'Stuff We Love' section, listing as the place to find it. 

The Baby Bunch

The Baby Bunch bouquet was featured on Martha Stewart. Bryony Boxer, Mum & President of The Baby Bunch, appeared on Martha Stewart, Thursday, October 11, 2007. The Baby Bunch is our best-selling baby shower gift at The Satin Button.

The original bouquets are available in three sizes in pink, blue and yellow. We also offer the new organic clothing line, now available in three color palettes. We will be getting in a new bunch just for the holidays as well... Whether you need a gift for your company employee having a new baby, or you want a memorable gift for a close friend or family member, be sure to order your Baby Bunch at The Satin Button!