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Mark Roberts Collectible Fairies

Mark Roberts Fairies

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Mark Roberts Fairies are beautiful, intricately designed collectible fairy dolls with wired wings and limbs. You can form them into any pose to create a magical wonderland with fairies flying through the air, sliding down banisters, or sitting atop of shelves. Mark Roberts created his mystical fairies in memory of his mother. As a boy, he wondered how Santa Claus could make it to every single house in just one night. His mother told him that Santa had helpers - a stocking fairy to help stuff the stockings, a poinsettia fairy to make the red poinsettias bloom in the winter, a candy cane fairy to make the candy canes red and white...

Today, many families have grown to love Mark Roberts Fairies and choose new designs to add to their collections each year. Mark Roberts creates a whole new family of collectible fairies each year, each one celebrating a different aspect of the season. Originally designed for Christmastime, Mark Roberts collectibles have become so popular that he has expanded the line to include Mark Roberts Spring Fairies as well as Fall Witches and Fairies. He recently introduced his own line of nostalgic Mark Roberts Christmas Cards inspired by his Christmas Fairies. Each card displays the image of one of his most loved fairies and is sprinkled with festive glitter.

Mark Roberts Fairies make wonderful gifts. With so many to choose from, you can match the Fairy's theme to the personality of each friend or family member. Whether one Fairy stands alone, or you inspire a new collector, a Mark Roberts Fairy is a very special gift that comes with warmth and love.

Mark Roberts Fairies generally come in three sizes. The large size is very impressive. These ornately detailed Fairies are dressed in exquisite garb and adorned with elaborate accessories. The large Fairies stand between 18 to 24 inches tall. The medium sized Fairies are a bit smaller, from about 14 to 16 inches tall, and include all the same elaborate details you see on the large Fairies. The small size is sometimes described as the "ornament," although they typically stand 9 to 10 inches tall. The small size does not include the hand accessory, but is very affordable and often makes a good starting point for someone new to Mark Roberts. Each Mark Roberts Fairy comes in a signature Mark Roberts box along with a Certificate of Authenticity and a registration card. Be sure to send in your registration card to receive exclusive news updates from Mark Roberts.

Following is a list of the Mark Roberts Fairies, Witches, Santas, and Elves released in past years.

2010 Christmas Fairies

  • Christmas Bling Fairy
  • Chocolatier Fairy
  • Fanciful Fairy
  • Garden Fairy Red
  • Christmas Gathering Fairy
  • No Place Like Home Fairy
  • Christmas Ornament Fairy
  • Pastry Shop Fairy
  • Peace Fairy
  • Sugarland Fairy
  • Teddy Bear Maker Fairy

2009 Christmas Fairies

  • The Spirit of Hope Fairy
  • Fairy of Miracles
  • Jolly Old Fairy
  • Alpine Fairy
  • Gift of Love Fairy
  • Joy of Giving Fairy
  • Ornament Fairy
  • Toyland Fairy
  • Harlequin Fairy
  • King of Hearts Fairy
  • Jack Frost Fairy
  • Winter Wonderland Fairy
  • Safari Fairy
  • Snow Pine Fairy
  • Stocking Fairy
  • Mistletoe Fairy
  • Holly Jolly Fairy
  • Fairy of Faith
  • Sleighride Fairy
  • Golfing Fairy
  • Bah Humbug Fairy
  • Canterbury Knight Fairy
  • Court of Kings Fairy
  • Violinist Fairy
  • Goodwill to All Fairy
  • Hanukkah Fairy
  • Joyeux Noel Fairy
  • Candyland Fairy
  • Hot Chocolate Fairy
  • Christmas Feast Fairy

Fall Fairies and Witches

Santas and Elves

Spring Fairies

  • All the Trimmings Fairy 2005
  • Harvest Fairy 2004
  • Acorn Fairy 2005
  • Pumpkin Pie Fairy 2006
  • Halloween Nite Fairy 2005
  • Halloween Wizard Fairy 2004
  • Pilgrim Fairy 2007
  • Pumpkin Fairy 2007
  • Warlock Fairy 2007
  • Fortune Teller Witch 2007
  • Witches Brew 2007
  • Thanksgiving Feast Fairy 2009
  • Pumpkin Pie Fairy 2009
  • Pomegranate Fairy 2009
Witches & Warlocks:
  • Crow Goblin 2005
  • Moon Goblin 2005
  • Gourd Goblins 2005
  • Wicked Witch2005
  • Witchy Witch 2005
  • Witch on Moon 2005
  • Scare-d Cat Prince 2004
  • Wiley Wizard 2004
  • Rich Witch 2005
  • Witty Witch 2005
  • Wiley Warlock 2006
  • Witty Old Witch 2006
  • Crazy Old Witch 2007
  • Drama Queen Witch 2006
  • Nautical Fantasy Santa 2006
  • North Pole World's Fair Santa 2006
  • Santa on the Moon 2005
  • Moon Fishing Santa 2005
  • Saint Nicholas 2006
  • Jewel of Africa Santa 2006
  • Drummer Elves 2006
  • Cello Elves 2006
  • Harp Elves 2006
  • Carolling Santa and Elves 2006
  • Big Hearted Santa 2006
  • Just Kissed Santa 2006
  • Mr. & Mrs. Claus Decorating Tree 2006
  • Phone Call to Santa 2006
  • Santa with Phonograph 2006
  • Cake Decorating Santa 2006
  • Sweet Sensations Santa 2006
  • Father Christmas Santa 2006
  • Teddy Bear Santa 2006
  • Santa with Toys 2006
  • Bird Lover Santa 2006
  • There Really is a Santa 2005
  • Santa's Rocking Horse 2005
  • Aspen Holiday Santa 2007
  • Father Christmas Santa 2007
  • Santa on Polar Bear 2007
  • Jingle Bell Holly Santa 2007
  • Sugar & Spice Santa 2007
  • Christmas Dreams Santa 2007
  • Worldly Santa 2007
  • Santa Building a Snowman 2007
  • Elf Painting a Rocking Horse 2007
  • Old World Santa 2007
  • Globe Trotting Santa 2007
  • Elf Sewing a Teddy Bear 2007
  • Naughty or Nice Santa
  • Fairy of Miracles (benefits St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital)
  • African American Fairy of Miracles
  • Uncle Sam Fairy 2008
  • Vote Democrat Fairy 2008
  • Vote Republican Fairy 2008
  • Valentine Rose Fairy 2008
  • Valentine Fairy 2007
  • Leprechaun Fairy 2007
  • Top of the Mornin' Fairy 2008
  • April Fools Fairy 2007
  • Rules of Revelry Fairy 2008
  • Easter Bunny Fairy (came in Fuschia, Green or Pink jackets) 2008
  • Butterfly Fairy 2008
  • Easter Basket Fairy 2008
  • Easter Morning Fairy 2007
  • Mothers Day Fairy 2007
  • Moms are the Best Fairy 2008
  • African American Moms are the Best Fairy 2008
  • Shopping Therapist Fairy 2006
  • Wedding Anniversary Fairy 2008
  • Humming Bird Fairy 2007
  • Herb Garden Fairy 2007
  • Cherry Blossom Fairy 2008
  • Garden Sprite Fairy 2008
  • Cookbook Fairy 2008
  • Tomato Fairy 2007
  • Garlic Fairy 2007
  • Kitchen Magician Fairy 2006
  • Best Teacher Fairy 2008
  • Coffee Lover Fairy 2008
  • Birthday Party Fairy 2007
  • Green Apple Fairy 2007
  • Raspberry Fairy 2007
  • Spirit of Hope Fairy (benefits the Breast Cancer Research Foundation)
  • Tuscan Sun Fairy 2007
  • Peacock Fairy 2007

12 Days of Christmas Fairies

  • A Partridge in a Pear Tree Fairy
  • Two Turtle Doves Fairy
  • Three French Hens Fairy
  • Four Calling Birds Fairy
  • Five Golden Rings Fairy
  • Six Geese A'Laying Fairy
  • Seven Swans A'Swimming Fairy
  • >Eight Maids A'Milking Fairy
  • Nine Ladies Dancing Fairy
  • Ten Lords A'Leaping Fairy
  • Eleven Pipers Piping Fairy
  • Twelve Drummers Drumming Fairy

2008 Christmas Fairies

2007 Christmas Fairies

'05 - '06 Christmas Fairies

Turn of the Century Fairy
Christmas in the City Fairy
Bellsnickle Fairy
Bavarian Village Fairy
Christmas Tradition Fairy
Applejack Fairy
Festivities Fairy
Confectioneer Fairy
Peppermint Truffle Fairy
Jingle Bells Fairy
Spirit of Christmas Fairy
Fairy Prince
Candlemaker Fairy
Jack Frost Fairy
Whispering Pine Fairy
Timberland Woods Fairy
Snow Owl Fairy
Bay Berry Fairy
Let it Snow Fairy
All that Glitters Fairy
Canterbury Friar Fairy
Drummer Boy Fairy
Dreams of Sugar Plums Fairy
Pomegranate Fairy
Peacock Jewel Fairy

Make A Wish Fairy (benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation)
Deck the Halls Fairy
Night Before Christmas Fairy
Violin Fairy
Emerald City Fairy
Heralding Fairy
Canterbury Squire Fairy
Tannenbaum Fairy
Mistletoe & Holly Fairy
Home for the Holidays Fairy
Candlelight Fairy
Reindeer Fairy
Sleighride Fairy
Glad Tidings Fairy
Yuletide Fairy
Aspen Holiday Fairy
Aspen Woods Fairy
Golden Age Fairy
Sweet Shop Fairy
Cookies and Milk Fairy
Sugar and Spice Fairy
Christmas Dove Fairy
Carolling Fairy
Guilding Star Fairy
First Noel Fairy
Silver Bells Fairy
Gift Wrapping Fairy
Pirate Fairy
Gumdrop Fairy
Baby's First Christmas Fairy
Healing Heart Fairy (benefiting Children's Hospitals across the country)
Spirit of Hope (benefiting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation)
African American Spirit of Hope
North Pole Fairy
Christmas Eve Fairy
King of Diamonds Fairy
Poker Joker Fairy
Christmas Past Fairy
Toy Fairy
Nutcracker Fairy
Nite on the Town Fairy
Baker Fairy
Tart Fairy
Sweet Sensations Fairy
Christmas Rose Fairy
Jingle Bells Fairy
Christmas Card Fairy
North Pole World's Fair Fairy
Fairy of Presents
Colonial with Drum Fairy
Hospitality Fairy
Winter Carnival Fairy
Snow Prince Fairy
Fairy of the Forest
Holiday Magic Fairy
Dreidel Fairy
New Years Fairy
Under the Sea Fairy
Sea Shell Fairy
Tigerfish Fairy
Jewel of Africa Fairy