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Harmony Ball: Baby's First Valentine's Day

Baby's First Valentine's Day keepsake box figurineIf you've never seen a Harmony Kingdom Box Figurine in person, you don't know what you're missing!  When people pick them up for the first time, they often ask, "What's it made of?"  At first glance, it may seem like a ceramic figurine.  When you read that it's a box, you don't know what to think.  Actually, these intricate pieces of art are cast out of a blend of crushed marble and resin, giving them a look and feel that resemble ivory, with a durability a bit less fragile than ceramic.  The original design is carved by the artist, then used to create a mold.  The crushed marble compound is poured into the mold and set, then the boxes are tinted and painted by hand.  The result is a unique creation every time with incredible attention to detail.

"So how could that little carving be a box?," you may ask.  Sometimes a lid is disguised so well you really can't tell where it is!   Don't tip your piece over, though, because the lid will undoubtedly go tumbling to the ground!  Still wondering where the lid is?  Gently pull up on top and something will lift up - just be sure to hold the parts really carefully so nothing falls!  When you look in your box, you'll discover secret carvings inside.

In the mid-1990's, Harmony Kingdom released a series called Lord Byron's Harmony Garden.  Lord Byron is a ladybug who lives in the garden.  Inside each plant or flower, you'll see Lord Byron going about his day.  Later on, when the Harmony Ball Company decided to honor a new child's significant firsts, they decided Lord Byron would make a perfect dad!  Since it's almost Valentine's Day, I chose to feature the First Valentine's Day box figurine, pictured above.  Inside, Lord Byron sits with his wife and new child, watching an airplane streaming the message, "I love you."  This series was named Byron's Bouquets.  We also have the First Mother's Day Bouquet and the First Christmas Bouquet in still available.  If you have a new baby in your family, consider our Baby's First series of boxed figurines to make the perfect new baby keepsake collection.

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