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Melissa and Doug Shape Sorting Clock Toy


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Whether your child is learning shapes, colors or time, this traditional wooden toy will provide hours of fun learning activities! 

  • Teach your child to put the shapes in the right places through both number matching and shape matching. 
  • Have your pre-schooler line the numbers up in order to practice counting. 
  • Talk about the names of the shapes and the different colors.
  • As your child gets older, move both hands of this toy clock to learn how to tell time!

This is a durable, solid wood toy that provides many stages of learning.  It will be a favorite in your home for years!

Melissa and Doug Shape Sorting Clock Toy

  • 12 solid wood shapes to identify and sort
  • shapes are self-correcting - only one piece fits in each number
  • features movable hour and minute hands
  • brightly colored markings show one and five minute intervals, plus quarter hours.

Recommended Age:  3+