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Lighting & Replacement Parts

Display Anywhere AdapterEvery Village collector eventually needs to replace a lightbulb or find a new solution to the growing number of cords. We make an effort to stock everything you need to keep your Village bright, your cords concealed and safe, and your animation in motion.

In the past couple of years, Department 56 has made a move away from the earlier multiple-light cords and replaced them with the new Building & Accessory Lighting System. This is a compact power strip with 8 light cords and 4 auxiliary cords. If you prefer to do away with cords all together, you can add the recent Display Anywhere Cordless Lighting System to any older building with the Retrofit Lighting Unit, and operate them using one remote control. You may talk to our Dept. 56 Village specialist about these options by calling (916) 837-0820 or emailing

There are some highly specialized parts of your Village buildings that Department 56 does not offer to stores. If you do not find your solution here, you may contact the Department 56 consumer support line at 1-800-LIT-TOWN, and they may be able to get you the part you need.  Miss Lit Town (as she is often referred to) is currently available from 11 AM - 2 PM Central time.  If you need assistance getting in touch with her during these limited hours, we would be happy to help.