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Ju-Ju-Be Designer Diaper Bags

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Ju Ju Be Diaper Bags are by far our favorite! They come in awesome fashion colors and prints, have a size and style for every need, are sturdy and durable, and are packed with practical features (>>check out the standard features). What more could you want in a diaper bag or a purse? And, after all, your bag is both. You no longer need to carry around multiple bags. One bag will meet all your needs, even after your kids are out of diapers! Join the ranks of Ju Ju Be fans who frequent the Pink Room and start to grow your stash of Ju Ju Be bags. We promise you won't regret it. :-)

you used to have to make a choice for your diaper bag...

function or fashion?

now you just have to choose which color!

boutique fashion with smart function - that's Ju-Ju-Be