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a child's Christmas - my sister and I with Mom
That's me on the left!

As a little girl, the holidays were always filled with fun and excitement. Most little kids experience their own form of magic at Christmastime. What was different in our house was that every holiday was magical. On Valentine's Day, our dinner table became the site of a little game of hide-and-seek to find special messages and treats from Mom. Throughout the year, we colored Easter eggs, carved pumpkins and made our own Christmas ornaments.

My mom shared her passion for celebration by running a home decor and holiday shop in my hometown of Placerville in the northern California foothills. The Last Straw became quite popular, and was often where I would spend my afternoons after school. One of my earliest 'jobs' would be to make tiny flower arrangements, and I would be so proud when they were purchased.

Local entertainment with Mom at the Christmas party
Mom with local singers

As Christmastime approached, my mom would bring in dozens of artificial Christmas trees and create an amazing winter wonderland. Our biggest event of the year was the early season Christmas party. I would help stamp, label and sort thousands of postcards to her loyal customers. They would come from miles away for this magical evening where the store was lit only by sparkling Christmas lights. Local musicians would provide entertainment, and guests would reunite with old friends over wine and hors d'oeuvres as they enjoyed the unveiling of the new season's wonders.

During those times, we saw families enjoy building their own holiday traditions. Everybody's stories seemed to include the laughter of children. They wanted to make each holiday magical for the little ones in their lives. The decorations we sold created the atmosphere, but they needed a little something more for the children to enjoy. Something fun. Something different. But they didn't know where to go. The baby superstores can be overwhelming, and are sometimes out of the way. Toy stores are all the same. Since these are the same folks who love to bring the magic of the holidays to their homes, why not offer them one place where they can shop for themselves and the children in their lives?

Kristin and the kids at Easter
The kids and Me at Easter

It was on this concept that I founded The Satin Button. Although my mom is no longer with us, I am able to carry on her dreams with seasonal decor & collectibles. I couple that with fun & unique gifts for the children in your life. As a mother of two children myself, I am dedicated to carrying on my mother's tradition of making each holiday special throughout the year. From the decorations that make your house festive, to the collectibles that little ones will someday inherit, to a special 'something' they can enjoy today, The Satin Button will bring memorable moments to your lives all through the year.