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Harmony Kingdom Boxes, Figurines

Harmony Kingdom Treasure Jest - hand-painted box figurinesAre you looking for the perfect gift for somebody who has everything?  Harmony Kingdom creations are little hand-painted figurines with hidden compartments.  Each collectible box tells a story, bringing together habits of nature, a little pop culture and sometimes some politics.  Harmony Kingdom box figurines are made from a unique blend of ground marble and resin, with the finished product taking on an ivory-like appearance.  Each piece is designed by one of Harmony Kingdom's master carvers, then reproduced in limited quantities and hand-painted.  Many pieces are also signed and numbered.  Most boxes contain additional details inside, and all Treasure Jests carved by Peter Calversbert are feature his signature mouse peeking out from some hidden corner.  Whether you prefer the intricate detail of Lord Byron's Harmony Garden, the touch of juxtaposition of nature and people that prevails in the Treasure Jests, or the simplicity of the Pot Bellys, Harmony Kingdom offers you unique and meaningful treasures.