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Big Brother Gifts, Big Sister

New big brothers and new big sisters are excited about their role, but often aren't prepared to share their family's love and attention with their new baby. Big brother gifts and big sister gifts remind them they are still loved, and makes them feel proud of their new baby.  One gift idea for the new big brother (or new big sister) is to let them show off their pride with a pin or t-shirt announcing their new status.

It's always nice to get them an additional gift to play with as well.  For a big sister gift, we carry matching dolls and hairbows to go with our big sister tees.  A favorite big brother gift idea is our Automoblox wooden cars.  Our Art Folio portable crayon kits are perfect for big brothers or big sisters, and can be used to keep busy at the hospital.  Be sure to visit our big kid toys section for more big brother and big sister gift ideas.