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BabyLegs Flame


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Flame BabyLegs - Ring the cuteness alarm while keeping the heat near your baby’s legs or these hip flames licking up your arms. Bigger kids can smoke up the dance studio wearing these red and black sizzlers as leg warmers, and they make for a hot pair of arm warmers, too.

How do you use your BabyLegs? 
  • protect baby's soft knees while crawling or toddling
  • keep baby warm during diaper changes
  • keep legs (and arms) warm in the hospital
  • provide sun protection for tender skin
  • make EC'n and potty training easier
  • use them as leg warmers or arm warmers
  • make a fun fashion statement for kids of any age
  • jazz up any dance class
  • help keep socks on
  • keep the chill off Grandma's ankles 
BabyLegs were originally created by Nicole Donnelly, a stay-at-home mom. Her dear baby girl needed some naked butt time to help clear up her diaper rash, so Nicole sewed her some Baby Legs to keep her warm. She found that the leg warmers were great at protecting her little crawler's knees. When she began to use them out of the house, they became so popular that BabyLegs was born! 

BabyLegs are 33cm in length. BabyLegs are made of a very soft blend of 80% cotton, 15% polyester and 5% spandex.